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End of First Week


What an awesome whirlwind of a first week. I’ve probably learned as much this week in class as I’ve learned in the last 2 months on my own. I can’t wait to see what I(and we collectively as a group) know in 8 weeks for now.

Building first apps was awesome, and I’m beginning to look at the internet and web pages in a whole new way. I feel as though I have a new understanding of the internet in general – its awesome.

Writing some small ruby programs to do something neat has also been extremely gratifying and informative. With every new program I wrote, I learned or researched something new. Even just having a better understanding of the ruby docs is so valuable.

In the end, there’s no better way to learn to code than to WRITE CODE. Being encouraged to do it (and having the time to do it) every day, with great instructors and mentors to push us along is so great. Summer Academy so far has gone beyond my expectations. I wasn’t sure what my skills would be like by the end of the course but now I am completely confident that I will be able to write (almost) professional grade applications.

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