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My Story

I graduated in 2010 from Ottawa U with an Honours BSc Major in Biology, Minor in Chemistry. Still unsure at this point of what direction to go I stuck with what I was good at and enjoyed and the time – building things. More specifically, construction and renovation work. I truly enjoyed the satisfaction I could get from seeing something I did with my own hands and putting a smile on my clients faces at the the end of a job. I ran a small (2-3 person) renovation company for about 2 years. After a few negative experiences I completely lost my desire for working in the world of construction. I felt like I was no longer learning, I was being very hard on my body and was plain and simply not achieving my full potential.

I was feeling worn out, unfulfilled, and needed a change. I had always been interested in Computer Science and Software and started reading up on the subject. Before long I was spending every free moment I had either reading a book about programming, taking small online courses, or just churning out code in my text editor. I had found something that I truly enjoyed, and got more satisfaction from than anything I’ve ever done. When I’m focused on a problem and keep hacking away at it until it’s solved, there are not many better feelings than that.

I’m the type of person that when I find something I really like and want to focus on, I go 100% at it. I found HackerYou’s Rails bootcamp in the spring of 2013 and knew it was perfect for me. 50+ hours a week? Hacking on projects every day? Sign me up.
After graduating from HackerYou I picked up and moved to Toronto to begin my career as a web developer. I worked for just over a year at Dashboard Inc honing my javascript skills and learning some new technologies and am now at Nascent Digital working on some of the coolest projects out there.